Impel Neuropharma Product Launch

Nov 13, 2022 | Services & Solutions

Impel NeuroPharma needed a trusted partner who was not only able to manage their new product launch, but also their in-house deliverables, multiple agency partners, and changing timelines and strategies. CCG’s integrations with Alliance partners are transformational rather than transactional. We champion and foster relationships where all organizations work towards a common goal, which allowed us to integrate with many of Impel’s agencies and service providers. CCG built a communication pipeline and accountability system that outlined objectives and deliverables, reviewed results, and adjusted expectations, timelines, and requirements as needed.

Many of CCG’s internal teams came together to to launch TRUDHESA using these services:
– Veeva Vault & Veeva SFA Integration
– Demo kits and collateral fulfillment
– Web ordering portal and direct mail
– Offset, digital, and wide format print
– Kitting and production services
– Pharmaceutical warehousing

To support a timely launch and ongoing service consistency, CCG offered a full suite of solutions:

Marketing Material Management

Veeva Connector with Veeva Vault (PromoMats). This connection ensures consistency between Client’s environment and CCG’s Hosted Web Application, PALS. Single Sign On Credentialling ensures timely starts and stops aligned to user access. CCG’s proprietary decommission tool provides the client with an integrated solutions to alert field personnel of expired or recalled materials. CCG’s Web-Ordering Platform, PALS, provides a configurable solution to meeting rep replenishment, event and Print on Demand fulfillment requests and processing. CCG worked with client’s agency partners to produce all printed materials.

Sample Fulfillment

Supporting both Rep Triggered and DTP Sampling; CCG’s connectors with Veeva SFA allow for order extract and returning outcomes based upon fulfillment activity. Rep Confirmation files are pushed through the connector so that reps can make available inbound shipment of product as soon as they are received.

Event Management

Our Trade Show module, made available through PALS, allows show-to-show management of tablecloths, displays and materials needed to support Brand Marketing Events.

Field Ancillary Support

Every launch has its own unique challenges, CCG was able to provide an all-in solution that, in addition to the previously mentioned solutions, included labeling and kitting of demonstration units, acquisition of rep support materials to include PPE kits, green screens and storage lockers with temperature monitors and Offset, Decorative and Digital Print. Additionally, we were able to reach their HCP audience through direct mail tactic printed and executed by CCG.

To fully execute Impel’s TRUDHESA launch, CCG created demo kits for healthcare practitioners, PPE kits for their field sales reps, 175,000 pieces of collateral, and over 30,000 direct to practitioner reaches to support the launch. With CCG’s ongoing partnership with Impel, the impact of this project will be exponential!

AUDIENCES REACHED: Field Sales Reps, Healthcare Practitioners, and Pharmacies