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At CCG, we explore new ways to engage and connect to your audience, redefining the ways Beauty, Skincare, & Wellness brands reach their target markets.

beauty and wellness marketing
makeup beauty wellness marketing

About Us

A Holistic Approach

We amplify makeup and skincare brands by empowering them to increase brand awareness, enhance customer retention, and boost professional engagement using custom activation programs, targeted product campaigns, and highly personalized kitting distributions.

makeup beauty wellness marketing



Packaging &


Elevate Your Beauty Brand 

The beauty and wellness industries are striving to create and uphold a comprehensive beauty and wellness marketing strategy that connects with customers throughout their journeys, continuously addressing their wants, preferences, and values by fulfilling the evolving needs of modern consumers.

The future of the industry will revolve around effortless and limitless brand encounters for enthusiasts and everyday users alike. Beauty and wellness brands can then guarantee that their customers receive highly personalized, exclusive, and intimate experiences.

That’s where we come in. 

Increase Beauty Brand Engagement

Discover the power of CCG’s seamless beauty and wellness activation programs, which convert beauty, wellness, and healthcare professionals and customers into influential advocates for your beauty and wellness brand, amplifying its reach and impact online and beyond.

• Build brand trust and awareness

• Leverage influencers and everyday customers  

Create purchases through makeup and skincare product sampling 

• Drive trial for new audiences

• Lengthen & enrich customer lifecycles 

• Increase user-generated content, ratings, and reviews

Getting Your Beauty and Wellness Brand



Makeup and skincare companies benefit greatly from partnerships with global influencers across all social media platforms. We ensure they receive innovative, unique packages for their content creation.


Connecting to your employees is super important! Once new members are added to your team, we create personalized kits to send as part of the onboarding experience. Have an event or training? We can help with those, too!


Using customized social sampling allows users in your target audience to try your makeup and skincare products, converting new customers and driving sales while building micro-influence and loyalty.


Keep your brand top of mind by reaching your field teams, physicians, patients, and pharmacies. Streamline your medical marketing efforts with CCG’s innovative ordering portals and fulfillment programs that target healthcare professionals and their patients.

Where the Magic Happens

Designed for efficiencies in quality control, picking, storage, and shipping, CCGs state of the art facilities, strategically located just 20 minutes outside of NYC, include 700,000+ square feet of warehousing for assembly and kitting, with the ability to store products, collateral, trade show displays, and more. Our space includes 113,000 square feet of Pharma-compliant warehousing for storage and distribution for Rx, OTC, and Cold Chain products.

makeup beauty wellness marketing

Custom Beauty and Marketing Projects

CCG creates a kitting and fulfillment programs that deploy personalized makeup and skincare kits, and we  ideate and develop creative campaigns based on calendar-driven initiatives, like National Vitamin C Day, National Cleanse Your Face Week, etc.

makeup beauty wellness marketing

Project Spotlight: 

Style, Uncapped by NIVEA


Nivea wanted to develop an online design experience where consumers create – and purchase – their own customized lip balm cap.


CCG developed custom APIs to transfer the consumers’ data into its order stream from the Style, Uncapped ordering site. This information would then securely travel into the order fulfillment and variable composition process, which composed the custom label, flavor selection, and shipping label.

Not only did CCG create the front end design software, we also developed the automated file management workflow, generated the customer designed print-on-demand custom labels, picked, packed, and shipped each piece to the end user. We also received product, staged product to production, managed inventory, and spoilage.


Nivea, with CCG’s support, engaged, fulfilled, and decorated 400,000 lip balms with unique consumer designed labels.



Happy Clients!

- Megan Manco
Asst. VP, Professional Marketing
CeraVe at L'Oréal

Working with CCG over the last three and a half years has made our sampling and fulfillment programs more impactful than we could have imagined. Their teams work collaboratively and efficiently to ensure our products get into the right hands at the right time, and they feel like an extension of our team.

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