Tech-Driven Marketing 

We help brands drive loyalty, relationships, sales, and success by connecting you and your customers through tech-driven fulfillment and marketing solutions.

What WE Do

Marketing Solutions

CCG Marketing Solutions delivers a single source supply chain partnership for CRM & direct to consumer distribution. We have vertically integrated from concept to multi-channel distribution the ideation, technology, custom sourcing, branded merchandise, packaging design, print production, secondary packaging, warehousing, fulfillment, and measurement within a single facility and managed via a single point of contact for brand marketers.

Our Spaces

Designed for efficiencies in quality control, picking, storage, and shipping, CCG’s state of the art facilities, strategically located just 20 minutes outside of NYC, include 500,000 square feet of warehousing for assembly and kitting, with the ability to store products, collateral, tradeshow displays, and more.

Project Highlight: CCGPromo

Upon collaborating with Megan Fox for a clothing launch, Boohoo needed to promote the partnership and reach various influencers ahead of the drop. Boohoo’s goal was to create a standout presentation, to be delivered to high profile influencers, that would be unboxed live on social channels and showcased in front of millions of viewers across the globe.

After working with CCGPromo to create custom influencer kits, Boohoo’s collaboration with Megan Fox was a great success- garnering over 200 million impressions across various social media channels including Instagram and TikTok.


Project Highlight: BeDecorating

Do you ever wonder how TV shows and movies support retro or futuristic product placement? CCG was recently tasked to create retro soda and beer cans to fit the timeline of Apple’s hit show, For All Mankind, and our trade decoration division, BeDecorating, was the perfect match for the job.

By using digital inkjet printing to create a natural, seamless look on the cans, we were able to showcase branding from the decades the show covers, both past and future!



We are expert marketing strategists, digital pros, and print specialists working together to deliver programs that improve bottom lines.


Our teams work around the clock to ensure our clients’ projects are executed and maintained to our elite standard of operation.


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