Boohoo x Megan Fox Case Study

Sep 21, 2022 | Services & Solutions

Upon collaborating with Megan Fox for a clothing launch, Boohoo needed to promote the partnership and reach various influencers ahead of the drop. Boohoo’s goal was to create a standout presentation, to be delivered to high profile influencers, that would be unboxed live on social channels and showcased in front of millions of viewers across the globe.

Working against a tight timeline, CCG met bi- weekly with the Boohoo team to discuss the collaboration, and create a variable solution that would be unique to each influencer. CCG created a gift box from scratch, selecting colors and textures that complemented the theme of the clothing launch, while also sourcing products based on the different influencers, their styles, followers, and overall aesthetic.

Services Used:
– Product Sourcing: Candles, Matchboxes, Crystals, and Drawstring Bags
– Decoration: Candle Labels
– One-to-one Fulfillment: 30 Kits
– Kitting: Items Sourced by Boohoo & CCG Shipping & Logistics
– Photography & Videography

Boohoo’s collaboration with Megan Fox was a great success, garnering over 200 million impressions across various social media channels including Instagram and TikTok.

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