Direct Mail Trends Worth Following Now

Jun 15, 2021 | Services & Solutions

Direct Mail Trends Worth Following Now

Long live direct mail, according to the latest marketing statistics on customer engagement. According to the USPS, direct mail is not just for people who avoid the internet. Sixty-five percent of millennials surveyed responded that they pay attention to direct mail advertising. While COVID-19 restrictions changed and continues to change face-to-face interaction across multiple industries, direct mail offers a way to keep in touch, literally, with customers. While more expensive than online advertising alone, a savvy campaign can incorporate the following offline direct mail trends to support and boost their digital efforts.

Direct Mail Trend #1: Multi-Sensory Engagement

Direct mail is visual, and also tactile. The simple act of holding a piece of paper triggers multiple physical responses that translate to emotion. For example, different textures, colors, and additions, such as post-it notes and zip strips, encourage longer interaction. The more time spent with the message, the higher the chance that the customer will take action. By incorporating marketing messages that use color, dynamic variable print, and personalization, businesses can add interest to their mailings. More dynamic mail enhances the value of First-Class Mail and fosters a better connection and response from customers.

Direct Mail Trend #2: QR Codes

While QR Codes are not new, they have taken on increased relevance in the age of COVID-19. People working and sheltering in place felt a growing need for ways to interact safely. Also, the inclusion of a QR Code in direct mail encourages customers to take their curiosity to the next level, right from their phone. By scanning the QR Code, customers can access:

  • Videos
  • Promotions
  • Landing Pages
  • Live Chats

A survey by Statista states that in 2020, 11 million U.S. households scanned a QR Code, an increase over 2018’s data. Clearly, this is not a direct mail trend that is going anywhere!

Direct Mail Trend #3: Data-Driven Customization

Personalization is definitely an important direct mail marketing trend in 2021. With modern digital printing techniques and today’s data technology, customizing the message to the customer has never been more doable, or more necessary. For example, pharmaceutical companies can use their CRM to create geo- or customer-specific marketing campaigns that reach out to a targeted audience with relevant images, provider appreciation, promotions, and educational information, all designed to appeal specifically to them. Another version of customized direct mail is a trigger mail campaign, which automatically sends out a message when a customer takes a specific action or as a follow-up to a meeting. Triggered direct mail works because it lands in the mailbox in a timely manner, while the message is top-of-mind for the end-user.

Direct Mail Trend #4: Offline + Online for the Win

As demonstrated by the above example of the QR Code, direct mail trends work effectively as support for a digital campaign. A successful marketing strategy is an integrated marketing strategy. Digital alone is not enough, especially considering the millennial trend of digital ad blocking. CCG Marketing Solutions offers full-service printing, with a broad spectrum of data-driven direct mail capabilities. Get in touch to learn how to optimize your direct marketing campaigns with creative direct mail that gets results.