What is Pharmaceutical Sampling Fulfillment?

Oct 13, 2020 | Pharma Forum

What is Pharmaceutical Sampling Fulfillment?  

Pharmaceutical sampling and fulfillment have unique needs for storage and distribution. For example, many products must be warehoused at specific temperatures and conditions. In addition, specifics apply for packaging and transporting products. In addition to adequate storage and distribution services, be sure to consider specialized services that positively impact your business. All in all, it’s helpful to outline essential criteria when choosing a fulfillment partner that you know will understand your needs and be equipped to meet them. The following offers an explanation of what a quality pharmaceutical distributor does, and what to look for regarding safety, efficiency, and speed.

Outsourcing is Efficient & Economical

A pharmaceutical sampling fulfillment center can only operate under complete compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Unfortunately, this causes a problem for less flexible businesses, as regulations are subject to frequent change. Third-party logistics (3PL) companies must stay on top of regulatory requirements so as not to disrupt the fulfillment process. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) sets the standards for Current Good Manufacturing Practice. Warehouse compliance with cGMP includes these conditions:

• Pharmaceutical storage that protects products according to need, and is easily cleaned and inspected
• Written instructions for storage for each pharmaceutical product
• Written protocols for distribution of each product, including processes for recalls
• Proper and complete labeling and coding for each drug—approved, rejected, or quarantined

If a fulfillment center features cGMP warehousing, that indicates that the facility protects the integrity of pharmaceutical products. For example, dedicated storage will be temperature controlled and monitored. And while temperature management is critical for many products, other environmental factors affect safe and appropriate storage, too. For example, light and humidity, if unmonitored, cause degradation of quality.

Appropriate & Flexible Warehousing 

What do we mean by “appropriate warehousing”? Simply put, in the pharmaceutical industry, proper storage and distribution go way beyond an empty space and some boxes. A quality pharmaceutical sampling fulfillment partner segregates product according to its climate needs and status. Additionally, it identifies all product appropriately. Along with that, a pharmaceutical fulfillment center efficiently manages reverse logistics or recalls. Another factor when choosing a fulfillment partner is warehouse flexibility. Can they handle fluctuations in inventory? How well a fulfillment partner ebbs and flows with your business is a key factor in your choice of partnership.

Transparency & Easy Communication Channels  

Let accountability and clear communication sit high on your list of what to look for in a pharmaceutical sampling fulfillment partner. As with the food industry, an FDA or DEA inspection and audit of warehouse conditions can happen at any time in the pharmaceutical supply chain. So, a good pharmaceutical sampling fulfillment center is always ready, and happy to show its meticulous compliance with regulations and good warehouse practices.

A quality fulfillment center facilitates excellent communication through a multi-channeled flow of accessible data, analytics, CRM, and other campaign management tools. At the heart of it, when you make the right choice, you’ll feel the 360-degree support of a responsive team of trained personnel equipped with all the best tools.

Full-Service Fulfillment

Beyond warehousing, a configurable platform of technologies and services streamline and optimize pharmaceutical sample distribution. To that end, along with cGMP warehouse storage, CCG Marketing Solutions offers custom kitting, fulfillment of Rx, DEA Schedules III, IV, and V, cold chain logistics, OTC, Nutraceutical, Patient Starter Kits, and medical devices. Also, our 500,000 square foot facility just outside of NYC features best-quality letter shop services and print services. CCG creates customized pharmaceutical sampling distribution plans that are efficient, scalable, and always compliant.

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