Veeva PromoMats Seamlessly Communicates with CCG’s PALS Material Ordering System

Sep 15, 2021 | Pharma Forum

Are you using Veeva PromoMats to manage your Marketing Material and its Legal and Regulatory status and approval?

If you answered yes, we assume this is because you needed a complete and compliant content management solution that provides you with the agility to change and amend approval status quickly. Don’t stop halfway. CCG’s literature distribution system (PALS) integrates directly into PromoMats to ensure that all field reps and managers have the latest PromoMats updates when distributing marketing materials.

As an approved Veeva Technology Partner, CCG delivers full integration with both Veeva CRM and Veeva Promo Mats/MedComms and CCG’s Product and Literature System (PALS) web ordering application. This streamlines material setup and ensures continuity of information resulting in timely field alignment to material status and order availability.

“Every great technology platform defines its target audience and has a deep understanding of the user’s needs. By choosing CCG to manage the distribution of marketing materials, our clients have a partner who understands their business and can offer a solution designed to meet the industry’s changing landscape. It’s regulatory challenges,” reported Ann Mutterer, VP and BU Head, Pharmaceutical Solutions.

As a further benefit, this integration provides a decommission tool in PALS that allows the Marketing Ops group to trigger field alerts aligned to their corporate template and policy on discontinued or recalled items. PRC/LMR/MARC teams have visibility to field notifications and the status of these notifications in real-time.

We’re not done yet: most companies measure utilization based upon shipment from the fulfillment system; our Inventory Module within the  PALS application allows you to measure utilization based on practitioner access to marketing materials and not distributed to the rep.

CCG’s PALS is a configurable web ordering and material ordering management solution that allows different workflows and approval processes on a single platform. These can be aligned to user access level, business unit, sales team, inventory group or item, location, and recipient audience. Configuration vs. customization increases speed to market and reduces overall spend.

CCG Marketing Solutions is a technology-driven pharmaceutical fulfillment company specializing in distributing product samples and marketing materials/collateral to field sales teams. CCG also manages rep-triggered DTP fulfillment and direct to practitioner sample/collateral reach and response. Integrating our 21CFR11 technology suite with Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault enables CCG to enhance streamlined data integrations, reduce risks associated with data misalignments, and increase speed to market across distribution channels.

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