Simplifying the Management of Pharmaceutical Sampling 

Feb 24, 2021 | Pharma Forum

Simplifying the Management of Pharmaceutical Sampling 

The logistics involved in safe and effective pharmaceutical sample management are complex. Because of this complexity, it is important to implement a management plan for simplifying the management of pharmaceutical sampling. Simplicity, in this case, refers to innovative solutions that are accessible, responsive to specific and changing needs, and compliant with state and federal regulations. When you simplifying the management of pharmacetical sampling, you create a smooth and efficient path through every link in the supply chain.


Optimize the 3 Pillars of Sample Management 

Accuracy, compliance, and timeliness are the bare-bones essentials of successful medical device and drug sample management:

Accuracy – Always know how much of what is where

Compliance – Full and uninterrupted alignment with local, state, and federal regulations

Timeliness – Efficient management that drives speed to market and elevated service execution

All three of these elements are strengthened through incisive use of the right technologies. For example, usable referencing, tracking, auditing, and reporting tools keep the transactional data trail organized and empower the user process. In addition, a comprehensive execution plan  keeps these three critical elements at the core of the solution and ensures an elevated and focused outcome. Detailed reporting provides project managers with data that can be used to measure program Return on Investment.


Identify and Eliminate Weak Links in the Supply Chain 

Where are the places where sampling management can break down? Suppose appropriate cold chain storage and distribution conditions are in place and functional. In that case, one of the weakest spots in pharmaceutical sample management lies in tracking and accounting for the product. To illustrate, this past year, COVID-19 and social distancing requirements complicated delivery protocols. While, in some ways, the easement of FDA regulations made sample fulfillment easier, keeping a close watch on inventory became more critical than ever. Several places the ball can be dropped, or saved, include:

  • Accidental loss or misplacement of product
  • Product acceptance and signage issues
  • Over appropriation of samples based upon hand-carried and direct to practitioner sampling into the same office when appropriate allocation controls are not in place.
  • Mismanaged paperwork. While theft or resale of pharmaceutical samples is a criminal act and unacceptable under any circumstances, egregious inventory discrepancies are often due to neglect or human error. Undertrained office staff may not know how to receive, catalogue, and properly store product samples. Or, a sales rep may inadvertently misplace or wrongly deliver a sample. Not only do mistakes like these violate state and federal regulations, but they also disrupt fulfillment and waste valuable time.

Tech Solutions for Simplifying the Management of Pharmaceutical Sampling

Comprehensive pharma sampling management includes temperature-controlled warehousing and reliable cold chain distribution. Equally important is facilitated communication among HCPs, sales reps, field agents, and patients. At CCG Marketing Solutions, we build and implement pharmaceutical sampling plans that account for products, facilitate returns, address close-out protocols, and manage recalls. The technology is 21 CFR11 and uses the latest technology stack. Ultimately, this means ease-of-use for pharmaceutical companies. The bottom line for simplified pharma sample management is accountability. Therefore, services across the chain to include, but not limited to:

  • Order Management & Customer Support
  • Direct to HCP Solutions
  • Data Repository
  • PDMA, HIPAA, FDA, and DEA Compliance
  • Mobile-Friendly access to all web applications
  • AnalyticsAn important component of a good management system is its ability to adapt without creating a kink in the process. It takes a high level of human expertise to configure, and, when necessary, reconfigure a platform to accommodate change, without disrupting service. 

    An Integrated System for Seamless Management  


    What do we mean when we say we are a single-source supply chain partner? And, how does that translate to simplified pharmaceutical sampling? CCG offers the control of single-location, full-service pharma-compliant storage and distribution. Additionally, we train our personnel to keep the communication clear and productive. From warehouse and transportation tracking to field rep inventory monitoring, we make certain medical device and pharmaceutical samples move with accuracy, compliancy, and on schedule.

    To learn more about simplifying and strengthening the management of your pharmaceutical samples with an integrated platform built for accuracy and performance, get in touch with us at CCG Marketing Solutions.