CCG Marketing Solutions Introduces CCG Promo, A Fully Integrated Promotions Agency

Aug 31, 2020 | CCG News

Introducing CCG Promo, A Fully Integrated Promotions Agency

In the middle of a global pandemic, NJ based CCG Marketing Solutions has found a way to expand our business strategy, bringing new product offerings to our existing customers, while broadening our scope into more robust services. Simon Hooks, CEO of CCG Marketing Solutions, remarked, “We have been successful with our tech-driven marketing services, and with CCG Promo, we now offer current and prospective clients the ability to streamline; we can handle projects from sourcing custom branded merchandise, assembling premium kits, warehousing & fulfillment services all under one roof.”

CCG Promo, overseen by established promotions industry leader, Rob Kraditor, is a full-service marketing company that will focus on assisting businesses in creating turnkey activation programs as well as virtual company stores. CCG Promo’s main objective is to build tailored experiences that leave a lasting impression for any type of program. Rob notes, “We have created an offering that helps transform
employees and customers into ambassadors for our clients’ companies and their brands. Whether it’s for employee on-boarding, membership welcome packs for new customers, or warehousing and white glove fulfillment, we will be there every step of the process.”

CCG Promo’s vibrant team is ready to bring these services to life. Using their established partner network and access to CCG’s 550,000 sq ft of warehouse assembly and kitting space, CCG Promo will create a personalized approach to their projects, while benefiting from the scale of a large operational base.

For additional information, contact Rob Kraditor: 973.808.0009 ext. 2441