Why Outsource Pharmaceutical Sampling Services?

Mar 21, 2021 | Pharma Forum

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Pharmaceutical Sampling Services 

As with any business, a company in the pharmaceutical industry aims to use its resources wisely, produce at a high level, and operate as efficiently as possible. However, even if your company employs a dedicated team for ads and digital marketing, it may not make sense to add the heavy logistical load of pharmaceutical sample fulfillment to your team’s creative responsibilities. Leave your in-house team free to do the work it does best. The following are five good reasons to outsource your pharmaceutical sampling services to a third-party. 


Outsourcing is Efficient & Economical

Building the appropriate infrastructure for in-house pharmaceutical distribution and fulfillment can be cost and space prohibitive. Additionally, it may be just plain wasteful, if  resources could be better applied to research, product development, and testing. A quality 3PL facility has the trained staff, equipment, and expertise to print marketing and training collateral, as well as store and distribute product samples. In addition, a company such as CCG can provide a custom tech platform to navigate the logistics. Ultimately, it can be much more space, time and cost efficient to go with an experienced and reputable third-party team.


Pharmaceutical Distribution Is Technical 

Pharmaceutical sample fulfillment involves multiple moving parts. Consequently, standards for proper storage, appropriate packaging, timely distribution and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable, and benefit from organization, transparency, and a dedicated facility that can manage it all. Fulfillment components include:

• Integrated Branded Literature
• Pharma-Compliant Storage & Distribution
• Order Management
• Custom Kitting
• Configurable and compliant technology that can drive the process

Customer support is yet another link in the chain. A fulfillment center can take over the responsibilities of call center support aligned to registration, sample requests, help-desk support, and more.


Fulfillment Services Are Difficult to Scale In-House  

Growth is good, but success presents its own challenges. For example, increased demands for sales support and fulfillment can stress your business beyond its limits. One response would be to hire more people and rent more space to accommodate expansion. However, a quicker-to-market and more efficient solution is to hire a third-party fulfillment expert to manage the logistics. A fulfillment center allows you to keep your team trim and avoid the complications of managing additional staff through fluctuating periods of production. They add subject matter expertise to your team aligned with local, state, and federal laws aligned to Rx sample receipt, storage, and fulfillment and the technology used to drive sampling tactics initiated through Rep Hand Carry or Direct to Practitioner.

At CCG, we design technology platforms, pharmaceutical sampling plans, and fulfillment strategies that can evolve with your business, with no change to your in-house operation.


Outsourcing Your Pharmaceutical Sampling Services Keeps You Organized

All the moving parts—consistent brand messaging, local, state, and federal compliance, and fulfillment logistics— need to run in perfect synchronicity to avoid confusion, mismanaged orders, and the possibility of serious penalties for non-compliance. One way to avoid these issue is to partner with a full-service 3PL fulfillment center. That way, your business receives integrated support at every point of the supply chain, including consolidated data and analytics.


Fulfillment Services Support Your Field & Sales Team

Brochures, mailers, and other marketing collateral provide necessary support to sales and field representatives. However, these materials can be a challenge to produce and store. In addition to integrated literature fulfillment and sales training materials, a full-service fulfillment center such as CCG Marketing Solutions supplies sales rep and practitioner help desk support and patient engagement, including coupons, vouchers, savings cards, and rebates.

In the life science industry, it is especially critical to allocate resources where they can do the most good. Outsourcing distribution and fulfillment services can keep you organized and compliant, save money. Also, outsourcing frees up physical space, and lets your team focus their energies in the most productive manner. Contact CCG Marketing Solutions to find out more about the benefits of partnering with a proven leader in 3PL services.