The Importance of Direct Mail for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Jan 27, 2021 | Pharma Forum

The Importance of Direct Mail for the Pharmaceutical Industry

As COVID-19 continues to impact all levels of commerce and personal interaction, the importance of direct mail for the pharmaceutical industry cannot be overlooked. Direct mail remains a strong tool for educating the medical and healthcare communities, as well as the public, about your products. As such, direct mail is a super-functional method for delivering descriptions of pharmaceutical drugs, pre- and post-call. In addition, materials can easily include other useful information, including formulary alerts. In this era of constant digital exposure, direct mail provides a concrete and lasting impression. It both informs and encourages positive customer response.

Historical Success, Present-Day Relevance

Pre-digital age, direct mail and print did all the heavy lifting when it came to delivering information about a new drug or product. Considering how much time people spend on their phones or in front of a computer, it would be easy to assume that digital advertising alone is currently an economical and effective marketing strategy. However, these statistics from the USPS tell a different story:

· Sixty-five percent of millennials engage with direct mail

· Fifty-nine percent of millennials surveyed considered direct mail content more useful than email

· Thirty-three percent of millennials employ digital ad blockers

Of course, these numbers do not suggest the futility of online marketing. Digital presence is vital to the pharmaceutical industry. On the contrary, the data indicates that a successful marketing strategy for your pharmaceutical company today includes a smart mix of online and offline tools.


The Tangible Advantage of Direct Mail for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

COVID-19 imposed restrictions that severely limited in-person contact. New protocols removed the opportunity for pharmaceutical sales reps and agents to communicate face-to-face. Direct mail works to introduce a physical element that customers interact with via touch. A physical object inspires multisensory reaction. This, in turn, creates a deeper memory. What’s more, direct mail communications can be pinned to a bulletin board or sit on a desk. By merely existing, direct mail can be experienced repeatedly and organically. This top-of-mind awareness makes all the difference and is a particular function of a relevant direct mail campaign.


The Power of Personalization for Direct Mail in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Personalized messaging is another important way by which digital tools and direct mail support pharmaceutical companies. CRM data offers invaluable direction for how to target your audience more exactly. In other words, the more personally you relate to your intended audience, the higher the rate of engagement. For example, CCG Marketing Solutions applies data and technology to build direct mail campaigns that speak specifically to different ages, locations, and clinical settings. A more personal message inspires action.


Trigger Connection with Direct Mail

Trigger mail is a form of direct mail that goes out automatically after a customer takes specific action, or after a certain amount of time. For example, an online form that requests information can intiate a trigger mail alert. Or, a direct mail message generates post-call, after a sales call or meeting. A significant benefit of trigger mail for pharmaceutical companies is that it can be evaluated and adjusted. Based on customer behavior, it is a tool that can be continuously tailored and improved through data analysis.

CCG Marketing Solutions builds and implements direct mail campaigns to help pharmaceutical companies deliver their message directly to the people who need it. We have the technology and experience to create visually impactful, physically engaging, and compliant materials to reach your target audience with direct mail tools that connect. Contact us today for more information about data-driven direct mail and comprehensive print services.