FBA Inspection, FBA Prep, and FBA Labelling Services for Amazon Sellers

Let our team of experts handle the entire Amazon™ process from shipping, receiving, inspection, prepping, packaging, labeling, and delivery to Amazon™.

Products Shipped from Suppliers

We will prepare your products no matter how large or small the order. We also handle international shipments and will coordinate the receiving of your pallets and shipping containers as well.

Our 3 Step FBA Process

1. Received Materials

Upon its arrival, we will inspect your products for any possible damage and count your products to ensure that they are as expected, were not damaged in transit, and meet Amazon™ standards. In the event any products do not meet these standards, we will immediately notify you and provide photographic documentation. The materials will then be temporarily held in quarantine until we receive direction from you, regarding product disposition.

2. Prepping, Labelling and Secondary Packaging

Once we’re okay to proceed, we remove any existing labelling that is not Amazon™ approved and affix Amazon™ approved labels containing SKU numbers and other pertinent information. This takes place within 24 to 48 hours. We also polybag, bubble wrap, box and re-affix the appropriate shipping labels. The Amazon™ Seller Central or Inventory Lab will be notified of the pending deliveries and your materials will be shipped to Amazon’s warehouses using the most cost efficient, effective methods.

3. Shipping & Logistics Control

Once the materials leave our facility, you will be able to track the status of the delivery of your materials to Amazon through the Amazon seller central portal.


We offer full Amazon Management services. We understand the “in’s and out’s” of Amazon FBA – you shouldn’t have to…

We are located only several miles from New York City, near major shipping ports, rail hubs, and airports with immediate access all major arteries serving the Northeast and the entire Eastern Seaboard.

Our highly experienced traffic and logistics team can work with customs, your shipping company or your 3PL group.

We handle the picking, packing, and shipping of your products. We also handle customer service and returns.

Our FBA Services allows you to focus on growing your business. CCG FBA is fast, convenient, and gives you access to Amazon’s incredibly-efficient shipping operation

Our Services Include:

  • Inspecting product shipments for integrity, quantity, quality, possible damage
  • Bundling, bagging, or secondary packaging
  • Kit, box and assemble to Amazon guidelines
  • Ship using cost effective, efficient shipping methods to Amazon Warehouses

Inventory Management

  • Utilizing our state-of-the art inventory management and control system, your products will be tightly controlled throughout the Inspection, Prep, and Labelling process
  • If necessary, your products will be stored in our 350,000 sq. ft. modern, temperature controlled facility.


  • Pick, pack and ship within 24 hours of receipt of request
  • On-line reporting of all activity

We are an eCommerce company with more than 50 years of experience serving world-class companies in virtually all industry segments. We provide knowledgeable, tenured and experience Client Service Executives, Warehousing and Production/Fulfillment Staff.


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