CCG Develops Powerful, Automated Territory Management & Fulfillment Process for HCP’s

CCG Develops Territoy Managment - Case Study

CCG has worked with Beiersdorf for many years providing fulfillment, sampling, couponing and other strategic services to Bergdorf’s Sales and Marketing Groups. CCG was approached by Beiersdorf and challenged with another critical business issue needing to remedy.

Beiersdorf, makers of Eucerin™ (a world leading skin care product), needed greater understanding and visibility into their product sampling programs, to better understand Pediatric, Dermatological, and Radiological use of their products, to drive greater brand awareness through increased product use, to better manage Sales Rep. activity and accountability, and to stave off the competition in vacant Sales Territories.

CCG stepped up and developed an automated solution.

Working closely with Salesforce™, CCG integrated various Salesforce data feeds into CCG’s warehousing,

Inventory management and Fulfillment engine to automate delivery of various product samples based on Sales Rep scheduled activity. Physician profiles were developed and used to drive the frequency and amount of sample products delivered to the targeted physicians. The type of physician practice, the physician’s practice size, numbers of patients seen by the physician, the level of competitive threat within the physician territory, the scheduled sales rep. visit, etc. are all used to determine the types of products, amounts delivered and frequency of product delivery to the physicians.

Since CCG is also a Pharmaceutical compliant fulfillment company, CCG utilized DEA/FDA and State regulatory processes to validate physician addresses and ensure product delivery with returned receipt.

This information is then uploaded into the Salesforce™ cloud where the appropriate Sales Reps are notified regarding shipping and expected product delivery so they may better schedule their visit to the physician’s office.

The Sales Rep’s also have the ability to order products directly on-line to their physicians. There are a number of checks within the system to verify these requests against pre-established rules and DEA/FDA compliance requirements.

Using the Salesforce™ data, CCG automated Seles Rep correspondence to the physicians informing them of pending deliveries of sample products or thanking them for the time they spent with the physician or practitioner during their office visit. This automated process also helped to further drive Physician / Sales Rep relationships. The process is also used to manage physician relationships within empty or vacant Sales Rep territories.

Finally, CCG working with Salesforce and has developed a myriad of reports providing a real-time understanding of the effectiveness of Beiersdorf’s marketing efforts while providing an understanding of the program return on investment (ROI).


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